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Kontynentalne łóżko z pojemnikiem Abruzzo - 10

Catalog number: Abruzzo

Abruzzo Divan Slim Bed With Storage Box

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Data sheet

High of headboard
118 cm
select above
211 cm
Lateral height
53 cm
Container for bedding
łóżka kontynentalne slim
Average lead time not guaranteed
about 6 weeks


  • High of headboard: 118 cm
  • Width: select above
  • Length: 211 cm
  • Lateral height: 53 cm
  • Container for bedding: Included
  • Mattress: Included
  • Average lead time not guaranteed: about 6 weeks


We present you a unique model of the Abruzzo divan bed, which not only impresses with its appearance, but also with extraordinary functionality. A 180x200 bed with a storage box (As an option to choose from) in this style is a proposal for people who, in addition to a brilliant style, also pay attention to the practicality of the bed they are buying.

Each bed with a storage box has been designed in such a way as to be comfortable and practical at the same time. However, this is one of a kind, because thanks to the great design it will bring modernity and space to your bedroom.

A high, solid frame with short, characteristic legs, which is also a spacious box, is covered by the upper part of the bed in the form of two parts connected in the middle. Comfortable to use and at the same time beautiful bed with a wide headboard decorated with simple stitching. Delicate lines forming diamonds on the headrest are the final touch which beautifully emphasizes the class and elegance of this model.

All bed models are offered in several size variants, for mattresses with the following sizes:

120x200 cm, double 140x200 cm, double 160x200 cm, and large, which can fit the whole family 180x200 cm.

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